Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet, Three Lava Beads


This essential oil diffuser bracelet features three lava beads and handmade copper chain.



Essential oil diffuser bracelet with three 8mm black lava beads and handmade copper chain make. Simple, earthy style. Lots of size options for your ideal fit.

Measure Your Wrist for the Best Fit

If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, wrap a string or strip of paper around your wrist below the wrist bone. Mark the string or paper and then measure that with a ruler. Add at least the following to your wrist measurement for your preferred fit:

Very Snug Fit – Add 1/2”
Snug/Comfortable Fit – Add 3/4”
Comfortable Fit – Add 1”
Loose Fit – Add 1 1/4” to 1 1/2”

Standard Sizing Breakdown

If you are ordering for someone else, this is how these bracelets fall within standard sizing.

X-Small – 6 1/4”
Small – 6 1/2” to 6 3/4”
Medium – 7” to 7 1/2”
Large – 7 3/4” to 8 3/4”
X-Large – 9” to 9 1/2”

Essential Oil Diffuser

Add a drop of essential oil to one or more lava beads to diffuse the fragrance for hours.

Additional Details

Your diffuser bracelet comes with a recycled-content gift box. If you order multiple bracelets and want a gift box for each, please leave me a note when you check out.

The chain and clasps are made in my backyard studio by hand using copper wire. We tumble them with steel shot to work harden them, making them very sturdy. We then patina and seal the copper for an earthy finish.

If you would like to order several bracelets, please contact me for bulk pricing.

Thanks so much for checking out my essential oil creations! 🙂

Additional information

Size Options

6 1/4” (X-Small), 6 1/2” (Small), 6 3/4” (Small), 7” (Medium), 7 1/2” (Medium), 7 3/4” (Large), 8” (Large), 8 1/2” (Large), 8 3/4” (Large), 9” (X-Large), 9 1/2” (X-Large)


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